What if you could maintain your QMS without taking away from normal revenue production?

Are you multi-tasking to support your ISO plan? Is your QMS maintained during "available" time? This can work fine when things are going well, but incidents (CAPA's) can bring normal work production to a standstill. Annual audit preparations can absorb or impact a large percentage of your staff. Turnover requires additional training or responsibility redistribution and more training.

What if you could maximize improvement efforts while minimizing production staff workload?

The KISCAL "PASS" program can provide exactly that. Why let your investment in ISO be wasted.

Our team will meet with you to develop a support package customized to enable you to get the most out of your company's ISO program, reach goals, and continually improve your QMS. Program services can include:

•    Workflow Analysis
•    Process Development
•    Technical Writing
•    Root Clause Analysis and CAPA support
•    Internal Auditing
•    Annual Audit Preparation
•    Management Review Meeting Participation


We also offer clients the ability to temporarily expand their staff when needed. KISCAL can supply dedicated on-site specialists to augment your staff from a few days a month, a week, or all the way to fulltime.