This is not how ISO was meant to be.

We believe systems should make sense—they should be a simple as possible and fit into your normal flow of business. Your QMS is meant to be a tool to implement your business plan and your vision your way.

How does KISCAL make sense of it? …

We meet with you and your staff and …we listen ...

... to your mission, vision, values, and goals.
... to your understanding of who your client is and what they expect.
... to your challenges, frustrations, needs, and wants.
... to understand who you are, where you want to go, what your clients expect.

Then we decide how we can best help you, and bring A.I.D.

A …

We Analyze your processes and procedures

I …

We Identify any necessary components

D …

We Develop a solution that make sense, assists you in achieving your goals, and is as simple as possible.

We believe process and controls should make sense to the user, make the job easier, and ensure quality output.

Chances are things worked better when you first implemented ISO, but circumstances can change over time. If your QMS doesn’t fit like it used to, we can help!

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