This is a partial listing of clients KISCAL is currently or has provided services and support for.

Department of Homeland Security, Customs and Border Protection, Office of Training and Development:

Services Rendered: LAN/IT support for various sites.
KISCAL currently provides trained, full time IT staff at three OTD locations. Our Team ensures all end-users have access to the LAN and all computer hardware is functioning properly; provides installation and troubleshooting of computer and communications hardware; and ensures Commercial-off-the-Shelf (COTS) desktop applications are accessible and running correctly.

Federal Aviation Administration, Office of Employee Communications:

Services Rendered: Journalistic writing/editing; news reporting; staffing.
KISCAL is contracted to provide experienced writers with strong journalism backgrounds, capable of developing their own leads and contacts, and meeting short deadlines for the employee publication, FocusFAA. Our staff is assisting the OEC by providing on-location audio recording and audio editing capabilities to support event coverage and sound bite creation. We are also supporting the OEC in its movement toward the implementation of new communication channels.

Services Rendered: Video production, field/studio production.
KISCAL and one of its teaming partners, Stonewall Video Productions (SVP), provided location video production support for promotional materials.

ARACOR (Rapiscan)

Services Rendered: needs assessment, job task analysis, course outline, instructor guide, student manual, job aids, training aids, training exercise development, video production, packaging design, pilot course delivery, initial course delivery.
The Statement of Work required a two week operator training course consisting of an estimated 38 hours of classroom instruction and 40 hours of reinforcement training. KISCAL was tasked with blending the manufacturer's requirements and vision with government requirements, while designing an effective training course. KISCAL had to accomplish this while the equipment was still being designed, tested, modified, and accepted.